Training and Education


Training will increase the level of understanding which is imperative for reducing the spread of asymptomatic yet problematic systems in our communities and our local and state governments.

Our community will play a critical role in this process. Together, we can bring about a change in attitudes by listening and understanding our people of color who have been affected by asymptomatic run systems.

Our training will be inclusive and diverse so that all the members of the community can be heard.

We want to have open and public & in-person discussions with professionally trained leaders who are educated in Inclusion and Diversity. These will be members of our community and some members from outside of our community’s borders. CSA-FS will hold training forums that will provide educational material and knowledge-based skills on how we can reduce the spread of economic inequality and asymptomatic racism and their problematic effects.


Education is where we will focus on our understanding of our environment in which we live, work, and play. Learning and educating ourselves about our problematic behaviors and attitudes that have often created hostile environments. Also, including in our workplaces and sometimes within our own families and often our larger communities.

CSA-FS members are willing to learn and help educate any individual in our community wherever we live. So that collectively, as individuals and as an organization we can all learn how to reduce the detrimental effects of “Asymptomatic Racism.”

“Let’s solve this together”