Committee for Social Advancement – Fort Smith


“Let’s solve this together”


Our mission is to build a platform that will help reduce the spread of asymptomatic racism and income inequality that exists in our community. Our goal is to bring forth in-depth solutions directed at policies where stakeholders of the community have been left behind. We will work toward all citizens having access to Social & Economic advancement opportunities in the River Valley community.

Asymptomatic racism: America’s first pandemic (Reference Times Record Article)

Organization Objectives:

The organization’s objectives are to build coalitions with local and statewide grassroots organizations so we can devise treatments and provide solutions for reducing asymptomatic racism.

Committee for Social Advancement Fort Smith is a grassroots organization built by our community, for our community. Our further objective is to provide resources, education, and training to help solve the economic and social problems that stakeholders face in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

‘Let us solve these problems together’ so that social and economic advancements can make differences for all citizens of the River Valley community.

We will focus our education and training on issues that affect social and economic advancement.

A. Social Advancement

B. Improve Community Policing

C. Criminal Justice Reform

D. Voting Rights

E. Workplace Discrimination

F. LGBTQA Rights

G. Fair Housing Issues